TEM matrix for dynamics not direction TS9.5 and NT7/8

Welcome to Thinking Man’s Trader. As part of your experience trading with any of our tools we provide educational and opportunity letters to help you on the way.

Most of you understand the insights provided by %C, our flagship indicator. It is a market dynamics indicator, not a market direction index. It tells you what kind of market to expect. For instance, a market of expanding ranges to trade a breakout or a flat dead condition to avoid, among other types.

We feel strongly that trading successfully requires a confident trader. To do this the trader needs to know what style of trading he feels best doing. TMT has a short test our guys take to make sure they know their preference and know the various kinds of market conditions that exist.

They learn the one patterns that precede the kind of market they are good in, we teach them these patterns and any nuances, and we teach them to stay focused on them for ongoing consistency.

Along with %C indicator, we add our Historical Volatility Index to accomplish this task. With these two indicators, we demonstrate how each of four easy to see indicator events precedes one of the four basic market conditions. An easy to understand plan to alert the trader to trade the market or stand aside until the next opportunity.

To join this program is easy. To learn and understand this approach to risk control and within hours improved trading results.

You may already use %C now add our Historical Volatility Index, includes training briefs and weekly market conditions updates – to help confirm what you are seeing – for day traders and swing traders.

Even Long-term investors will stop getting caught too early in a long-term trend, just to be whipsawed out of it.

TMT delivery’s confidence in trading.