MarketMap 2019 Welcome on Board

You are a Thinking Mans Trader today

thanks for that we are happy you saw the advantages in our MarketMap 2018 and V-Reports publication.

Since the formation of our group, we have always put the goals and objectives of the traders and strategy developers first. To deliver for them higher quality advisory services that they cannot find anywhere else for the time or money.

Delivery of the reports and newsletter is immediate, you now have access to all of our online letters.

TMT also sets up a free cloud DropBox folder for you to use so we might be able to deliver to your historical data from our research. You will get notifications for this shortly.

Great thanks for joining. I welcome all feedback and I am happy to lend my support to your trading efforts.

Great and Many Thanks,

I welcome any and all questions

contact me via Skype at TraderAssist or toll-free 800-618-3820


Jack F. Cahn, CMT


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