Videos for Intermediate/Advanced Traders

Free Advice is good, it’s the work that you have to pay for.

For the intermediate/advanced trader, who knows the current no brainer rally will end at some point, and the easy money will be over, here are three exclusive trading videos from our member’s library


CBI Up Arrow1. You hear the term robust literally everywhere today. We all know that a trading strategy should be robust. What exactly does that mean How do you know when your trading tactics are robust. The video will show you how easy it is to do-it-yourself and know.


CBI Up Arrow2. Why do some trade plans fail when on the surface their percent win rate and net profit look great Why is it that systems with high net profit and higher than average win rate can still be very difficult to trade I will show you some very easy things you can do to gain this valuable insight.


CBI Up Arrow3. The Trader’s Edge is more than a favored trading pattern. It is a way to pinpoint trading increased odd’s opportunities. In this video, I will give you an easy way to avoid the traps of forecasting direction with an institutional quality model in easy to understand terms.


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