Walking Forward with Trend-Walker

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There is nothing fancy about this short-term (1 to 5 day) swinger. The self-contained systems inserted into the stock index futures and the energy complex and provide above average results without adjusting inputs.


However, out of sample testing routines, the risk-reward ratios are great, so what’s the catch? It only trades eight times a year on average. Unlike our competitors, we understand what it takes, and to remain unnoticed is keys.

This is not marketing, to have systems that do not trade so much they catch the eye of professionals that make money based on trading commissions. I call it Stealth development and trading, and to get the action you may need to meet your goals with a higher degree of confidence; you spread out the markets you trade.

Here is a table of monthly results from TrendWalker during its walk forward period. I released the system to members April 2017; and engaged it for walk forward testing in February of this year along with its counterbalancing anti-trend strategy %Bounz.


Its walk forward results for 2018 are good and give you an idea of how well you can do if you are a patient trader. Trend-Walker has all of the stock index futures covered plus Crude, Nikkei and Unleaded Gasoline.

To get your trade count higher for the month trading diverse markets and to trade it with a counterbalance like %Bounz is suggested.


Does this approach make sense to you, if so a report for an ideal combination of these market systems is available on request? jfc@thinkingmanstrader.com
Trend-Walker Nikkei 225 index futures


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