Virtual Aberration-Asym

Virtual Aberration-Asym

The system is set up to plug and play on your NinjaTrader7® or TradeStation9®.

It is a intermediate-term trend following system with an average holding period of 20 days. The strategy has built-in money management for scaling out of positions, a routine for sound money management.

We take pride in the wide market coverage TMT provides investors and traders, including Euro, Aussie Buck, US 30 year bonds, Ten Year Notes and more.

Breakouts in futures markets are often preceded by a contraction of range. MTA associate John Bollinger 20 years ago put this idea into a formula that is a household name among traders, the Bollinger Bands.  One of the early interpretations he said that when the bands narrowed followed by a move in price above or below the bands it was considered a signal of more trends in the same direction as the break.

Today it is still considered one of the best long-term trading systems ever developed.

[google-drive-embed url=”” title=”V-Abberration-TY.xlsx” icon=”” width=”100%” height=”400″ style=”embed”]

As you can see when I applied market dynamics indicators to the code, it will bats well in access of  a 2 to 1 profit factor across the financials and currency futures. (Ask for reports)

We also put into the code a scale out ability that is set from the input level.

Available to TMT membership only at a 50% discount from industry retail, available on multiple markets with good forever technical support and upgrades.  Ask TMT about financial / currency multiple market portfolio report and pricing.


TMT Gift Icon2Join Thinking Man’s Trader 4 Trader community today, I will give you the basic Play Gap trading strategy (code, workspace & doc) for free along with user doc for the TMT community and the deep discount price list for all the fully developed plug and trade systems. 


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