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Mini S&P and Russell Day Traders

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Either manually control the strategy’s signals from the trade manager window or set up the chart window for auto-trading. Obtain access to the daily trades real-time by simply clicking on TAS launch button.

%BB-Dynamic Breakout and Reversal is more than a time-tested strategy, it is an all-embracing system that includes a market Macro Filter. This filter allows you to only trade it when it is the best period to do so or not trade it at all when the market condition is the worse. This can be controlled by you from the chart window.

%BB-Dynamic Breakout and Reversal retails for $9,995.00 and $4,995.00 locked code. TMTraders makes its signals available to its TradingApp Store clients exclusively to help you reach your financial goals for only $79/month or $129/month with membership support.

Here is a video that that shows you how easy it is to set up the trading space.?

TMT’s systems have an “aggressive mode” the trader can toggle on/off from strategy window. This opportunity management strategy is the evolution of “Turtle Trader” by Richard Dennis money strategy.

TMT bills directly and grants access via the TradingApp Store. After you sign up, access to the TS workspace is less than 24 hours.

Michael Wilczynski
Michael Wilczynski Thinking Man's Trader, team player
I kicked off my career as a chartered accountant helping businesses with their compliance needs and learning about the inner workings of ERP systems. Along the way, I learned a few programming languages due to the different projects I worked on which lead me to explore how those skills could be transitioned into my trading. I’ve been trading for nearly 10 years and as long as I can remember I’ve always had an eye on financial markets. I even aspired to be a stockbroker when I was younger. With the advent of technology, I view that systems trading is the new edge that individuals traders need to explore to be able to succeed in current markets.

I tend to hit the ground running and pick up new software and systems quickly. With a hands-on approach, I’m not afraid of a challenge and systems development has plenty of them.


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