TAS Client Automatically TMT Member

Thinking Man’s Trader…

A community dedicated to traders. If you are renting any of TMT’s indicators or strategies offered through the TradingApp Store, you’re entitled to the list of benefits below.

  • Trader for Trader support, one on one and in the private community for members
  • Thinking Man’s Trader Reports containing the Technical?Event Matrix – the new paradigm
  • Educational briefs on how to trade better
  • Exclusive online access to fully developed institutional quality?systems, monthly fee basis.
  • Deep-deep discounts to own?fully developed plug and trade?strategies, to own
  • Sustaining?members – owners or renters – receive strategy?updates
  • System owners receive self-rolling data contracts with alert notices to roll

Open code ready to trade is only available to TMT members, price list of products can be found here.

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