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TradeStation Trader!

TradeStation™ since 1989 is the leader in system development and trade execution software platforms and I am a third party addon provider since day one.

In 1995 Bill Cruz – the co-founder of Omega Research TradeStation – and I worked together to make a special and previous unannounced stage presentation of this breakthrough software at the Market Technicians Association Annual Conference in Las Vegas. I was an MTA board member and the chairmen and coordinator of the annual meeting “Market Wizards.”

This presentation resulted in the first-ever MTA Technicians of the Year Award to a non-person, Omega TradeStation Platform.

I feel I can take in some small sense a degree of satisfaction that I helped TradeStation™ along the way to its spot as the best research and execution platform today.  Another big plus about TradeStation is they have catered to quality third party providers to add value to their platform; and I am proud being a 3rd party plug for the duration.

With that in mind, back in June I sent notices out to our TradingApp Store clients that the server platform being provided was not suitable to protect our code; and for that reason, Thinking Man’s Trader was removing all of its addons including the most popular (according to TAS) %C, a market dynamics indicator.

Add to the lack of security TAS new idea of charging providers – instead of providing developers an incentive for adding valuable products – a monthly listing fee help us conclude TMT will work directly with traders. Where we are interested is in new members who are open minded, intermediate to advanced level traders and developers.

Indicators/Strategies/Systems and Support

Your business is important to me and my team, we focus on you doing your best. For traders to achieve their best, it requires ongoing interaction between the trader and your support team. Not to sit back passively or trade from a vacuum.

TMT provides this with our daily/weekly newsletters and daily blog post ” No one provides ongoing service when you rent or buy their tools. TMT does, and we provide the same caliber of advisory that our afflicted company Contrary Thinker provides to professional Investment advisors and capital managers.

TradingApp® Store made %C one of the most popular indicators ever used on TS9.5

A real trader uses a direction neutral mindset and method, he looks for the opportunity, the big ones for the kind of strategy he is trading; and he lets the market action take him into the position as it passes through his plan, his strategy.

This is more important to understand and use since 2016, since the middle of 2016 the market has been one way. Today, the markets are going back to a trader’s condition, no longer one way.

He does not care about the direction of the move, he is a trader. He wants to know if the market is choppy, if the market is dynamic or if it’s going into a trading range.

Being a direction neutral trader solves many problems one being pride of option, pride in a directional forecast. Such pride, when the “forecast” is wrong hurts the trader’s ego join that with losing money or missing a profit and the trader has his head in an egg beater.

%C and TMT’s Historical Volatility provide the hard and fast rules to predict when YOUR type of opportunities are lining up. Our model has 4 or 16 or 36 setups that we teach our traders to use.

Your membership is more like an ongoing tutorial.

TMT provides a daily blog post and weekly publications that contain explanations of how to use TEM with all of the proprietary indicators provided. So you can profit from trading while you are advancing your knowledge of the markets.

Who else provides trader service after you rent or buy the indicator package or system?  TMT over-delivers, guaranteed.


Be the best trader you can be,

a Thinking Man’s Trader starts here.

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