EasyLanguage Treasure Chest

pride-of-tmtSince 1989 Thinking Mans Trader has helped individuals learn to develop, understand and use rule-based trading with well thought out strategy concepts. TMTs idea is so good at what it does that even our good friends at TradeStation started a competitive product called TRADESTATION STRATEGY CONCEPTS CLUB which has recently shut down.

It is not as if they did not have the funds to advertise, promote the idea, which they did thank you. Rather they did not see the difference between entry level and intermediate level traders. They took the old school approach of catering to the entry level traders, to bring in volumes of new people. Playing the numbers game of advertising bringing in new traders faster than they are turning over the old book of traders.

The old school does not give traders much of a chance to succeed when being provided with intermediate level ideas. Rather TradeStation should be focused on training people how to use their trading and development platform!

On the other hand, if you have mastered the trading platform, you are still in the game and have started to ask the important questions like should I trade the break or fade the break, you are a candidate for TMT.

What TMT has done is a focus on the needs of the intermediate strategy hacks, the advanced traders, developers, and professional capital managers. Plus TMT provides a way to improve strategies or a community of peers for collaboration.

Thats right, we provide the strategy and advisory of money managers, we just dont get our hand’s dirty handling money!

Thinking Mans Trader deals from a position of strength, our library is deeper than many major institutions with viable and unique core strategies. TMTs founder has over 30 years of experience, and his team of traders and programmers have broken down boardroom walls to compete with the big boys.


EasyLanguage Treasure Chest

Files are downloadable include open code strategies and workspaces that plug right into the platform with docs. Years worth of strategy code with a new membership for $495.00 including your first month’s membership dues. Saves 400 bucks.

  1. Big Dog Trend reversal day trading system
  2. Camarilla Fixed S&R Day Trader
  3. Channel Breakout
  4. Eight exits set in one file
  5. Everyman’s Trading Breakout Bands
  6. MO Breakout Swing trader exit open next
  7. Inside bar Breakouts, day trader
  8. MONTECARLO user function for backtesting
  9. Richard Donchian Channel Trading
  10. NoMuNoFun Indicator for Market Selection
  11. OpeningBreakout-revisited
  12. BlackGold S-T reaction entry with longer term trend


Move ahead with TMT Treasure Chest it will include the PlayGap, day trader.




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