Thinking Man’s Trader Member’s Benefits

Thinking Man’s Traders

regular member list of services


  • Members are provided trading strategies in open code and English (at least two per month). Publications teach how to adapt to their own style, learn how professional traders put the trading strategies into computer easy language and collaborate on enhancements.
  • Access to the video library,? tutorials on setting up platforms for automation, trading methods, system development and market strategy insights.
  • Private access to a professional library of eBooks, professional journals, and research briefs.
  • Regular publications of ?TMT Report, up to date on a total systematic environment including rules of engagement, market strategies, portfolio selection, money management and compliance issues.
  • Members receive a fully illustrated user guide to navigate around the community access all of the benefits.
  • Personalized Extras: A regular strategy is selected from my personal library to help fill gaps in TMT member’s arsenal of methods or indicators.
  • Real-time roundtable meetings and webinars hosted by your TMT Google+ private community.
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