The meek may inherit the earth but…

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…not my methods, indicators, strategy and governing model that makes it all a system.  My trading success allows me to live in Queensland Australia for seven months of the year and the other five in Palm Springs California.

Some traders guess some traders know, I know, and in this period of mid-June 2018, there will be one of the biggest shifts in investor’s sentiment you may witness in your lifetime.

Our traders are prepared for this shift, with the forecast, visual indicators, strategies, and an overreaching model of engagement.

Traders can’t ignore the “Elephant in the room.”

A bear market can kill many traders because the easy strategy to buy dips in an uptrend stops working. But it does not negatively impact systems traders or institutions that have the ability to actively manage and prosper from risk.

Join Thinking Man’s Trader, we will show you how with our one of a kind indicators, strategies and systems




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