Thanks You for the Confidence!

You just made one of the biggest steps ahead in your trading. Welcome to Thinking Man’s Trader.

Everything to get you started, your indicators, the workspaces, user doc and transfer instructions are delivered online by a private Dropbox in your name within 24 hours. (You may already have the files.)

If you are accessing our tools monthly, a password is being emailed to you.

I’m looking forward to providing you with all the background you need to be a skilled and successful trader.

I welcome any and all questions so please feel free to contact me at any time via Skype @ Traderassist or Google Hangout @ Marketmap2010  and of course email @

We work with you to make sure you have everything correct to give you the best opportunity to meet your profit goals.

Keep in mind, while we may do some TS tech-support as it impacts the performance of our plugins, we are not responsible for the trader’s ability to run TS9.5 or to execute and oversee the trade signals manually or with automation.

We have a short training video on auto trading and our team is more than happy to help each trader with the initial set up.


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