Team Level One Benefits

Membership to The Team Level One (TLO) is offered to traders I know or referred by another TLO member.

The candidate must have something to contribute to the group.

The Team Level One (TLO) is like an equity partnership; today we have ten members including myself.

TLOs receive my complete library of ready-to-trade systems, the Technical Event Matrix and my complete library of classic technical concepts strategies and indicators (SOMC library) at a one-time discounted price.

TLO members never pay for new system again.

TLO members receive a roster with contact details of all the TLO members.
I have set up a TLO folder on Dropbox for immediate access.

We have regular team level one online meeting covering members interest, problems, ideas, and feedback.

If you are a current member of Thinking Man’s Trader send me an email regarding your interest.

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