Tradestation® Platform

Why You Need TradeStation

TradeStation is committed to making you a better trader and helping you build the discipline and confidence that you need in today’s markets.

What does that mean for you?

Do you have confidence in your strategies before you trade them?

Find trading strategies that worked in the past in times like these.
TradeStation allows you to create, back-test and simulate your trading strategies in real time without risking a cent.
Then you can trade your favorites.

Are you missing trading opportunities?

With TradeStation, you can scan the universe of symbols for opportunities that meet search criteria you define – virtually unlimited for the markets we cover. TradeStation lets you simultaneously monitor real-time indicators for hundreds of symbols without viewing charts.

Are you satisfied with the way you manage into and out of positions?

TradeStation lets you view real-time market data and potential buying and selling interest at other price levels.
You can enter simple or complex orders, including bracketed orders in one click.

“Neither TradeStation Technologies nor any of its affiliates has reviewed, certified, endorsed, approved, disapproved or recommended, and neither does or will review, certify, endorse, approve, disapprove or recommend, any trading software tool that is designed to be compatible with the TradeStation Open Platform.”


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