System Traders

My philosophy

Is to build strategies that have a robust character based on patterns that are rare events that repeat only often enough to keep my attention as a Trader but not so often that everyone else sees them.

However, it is the next step that other developers and traders overlook. I look for that market condition each strategy excels in and what environment precedes their drawdown.

I build into the strategy a signal for each of them so the trader knows when to maximize his opportunity or when not to trade his strategy.  This method makes a strategy into a comprehensive system, something that no one else does.

I can demonstrate it, how it works and how you can apply it to even to your own strategies. 

Access my calendar online here to book no obligation demo of our trading methods and systems and one on one customer support 


Here is a nine-minute video how the filter – the Technical Event Matrix – is proven and embedded in our strategies to improve their odds of success.



Scalping Strategies

Fast Eddie Bear Market Strategy

Having the ability to wait for the best shot is far more important than a high IQ, All our systems use the cutting edge formula of market context to signal the best periods to maximize profits. Obviously big bear moves only come around once a year maybe twice.

So this approach involves long periods of waiting on the sidelines. Something the majority of traders cannot do because of the fear of missing out.

If you have the ability to stand above that emotion, you are in the right place and you don’t need to be a bear trader. All of our systems have this wait and watch technology in them,

Performance Links:

Fast Eddie on Crude Oil trading a one lot

Fast Eddie on Crude With Contract Management cap of 15 contracts.

Day Traders

%BB-Dynamic Breakout & Reversal

One way to take advantage of a period of higher volatility (V) is to use a system that is robust overall periods but excels during periods of high V.

%BB Dynamic Breakout and Reversal is the trading strategy based on John Bollinger’s breakthrough idea with a TMT’s winning tactic applied.

Performance Links:

Trading ES with a static two lot 

Trading ES with Contract Management cap of 7 contracts

Trading RTY a static two lot 

Trading RTY with price based contract management cap of 6 contracts.

%BB-DBR also trades S&P mid-cap, Crude Oil, Unleaded Gas, Natural Gas and big Gold, 

Dunn’s Deal Day Trader

The Anti-Trend system, that does well when everything else is getting chopped up!. It is a moderately active day trader. It gets its edge from pattern recognition, both “V” shaped bottoms and inverted “V” tops lead to reversals after a certain amount of retracement.

Performance Links:

Trading ES trading a static two lot

Trading ES with price based contract management cap of 6 contracts

Eclipsed Day Trader Volatility Expansion Breakout System

Here is a brief on what makes a volatility expansion systems work. They are around since the late 1980s, and the basics are still the same. Buy the breakout above the high-end of the range exit on the close or sell short on the break below the low-end of the range cover on the close.

How the strategy calculates the range and how it determines its exits are particular to the strategy. Plus the “carry through” factor changes, traders just can’t merely get fed daily winners and expect that to continue every week or month. Our systems protect against the drawdown, with a unique filter and kept under lock and key. It used to be available on the TradingApp Store sever, but we took it down. because they do not allow code to be encrypted to be uploaded to their servers.

Performance Links:

Trading ES, trading a static two  lot

Trading ES with price based contract management on with a cap of six.

Trading RTY static two lot

Trading RTY with price based contract sizing with a cap of six




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