For System’s Traders

My philosophy

Is to build strategies that have a robust character based on patterns that are rare events that repeat often enough to keep my attention as a Trader but not so often that everyone else sees it.

It is the next step that other developers and traders overlook. I look for the market condition each strategy excels in and what environment they drawdown in.

I build into the strategy a signal for each of them so the trader knows when to maximize his opportunity or when not to trade his strategy.  This approach makes a strategy into a comprehensive system, something that no one else does.

I can demonstrate it, how it works and how you can apply it to even to your own strategies. 

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FastEddie Bear Market Strategy

Having the ability to wait for the best shot is far more important than a high IQ, All our systems use the cutting edge formula of market context to signal the best periods to maximize profits.

Performance Links:

Fast Eddie on Crude Oil trading a one lot

FastEddie on Crude With Contract Management cap of 15 contracts.

Day Traders

%BB-Dynamic Breakout & Reversal

One way to take advantage of a period of higher volatility (V) is to use a system that is robust overall periods but excels during periods of high V.

%BB Dynamic Breakout and Reversal is the trading strategy based on John Bollinger’s breakthrough idea with a TMT’s winning tactic applied.

Trading ES with Contract Management cap of 7 contracts. download numbers

Trading RTY

Trading EMD

Dunn’s Deal Day Trader

is a moderately active day trader. It gets its edge from pattern recognition, both “V” shaped bottoms and inverted “V” tops lead to reversals after a certain amount of retracement.

Trading ES Download Numbers

Eclipsed Day Trader Volatility Expansion Breakout System


Trading ES, download numbers



KeenerEdge built for diversified day trading    KeenerEdge is the most robust day trader I have developed to date available for day trading.

Tactic: multiple strategies for a market


Short-Term Swing Traders

HedgX Super Fund ( aka Quadriga Super Fund)


Percent Rebound 1 to 5-day anti-trend swing trader

Trading Gold

Trading S&P

Trading mini Russell

TrendWalker 1 to 5-day swing trade, directional

Performance Reports to download:

Trading Unleaded Petro 

Trading S&P 

Trading  mini Russell




PercentRebound/Trend Walker  combination report



Longer Term position traders

Vanguard Strategy for Capital Managers

Vanguard Strategy is an intermediate to long-term trend follower. It is suitable for capital managers, both family and corporate.

Virtual Aberration-Asym

It is an intermediate-term trend following system with an average holding period of 20 days. The strategy has built-in money management for scaling out of positions, a routine for sound money management.