Trader’s find Stealth Strategies

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Stealth Trading Strategies are what I develop and teach to others

My philosophy for developing all my trading systems is to isolate the rare price event that repeats often enough to keep my attention as a Thinking Man’s Trader but not so often that everyone else sees it.

Each of my Algo systems beats the market at its different phases of price pattern or cycle.

TMT will show you what a good trader does and what a good trading strategy looks like. In addition, we provide you with some common sense ways to screen out the good system providers, without being dependent only on the performance numbers.

We provide an insightful newsletter, the Thinking Man’s Trader for simply registering your name and email on the web site.

Developer/Traders are welcomed to exchange their ideas by email, on the blog or the client forum.

Our Team is dedicated to improve your trading in every way.

Trader’s Fact of Life #121: “When building a team, always look for people who love to win. If you can’t find any of those, search for people who hate to lose!”

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This service is not about assisting brokers or helping pool operators. Rather in the face of all the propaganda out their trying to convince you to do it on the cheap and do it on your own, Trading Man’s Trader is about assisting the individual in building a team and an environment that is supportive. We run an advisory based on educating, sharing and building a team of partners who work with us over the long term.  Join us, you have everything to gain.

Strategy GiveAway

P.S.  TMT – Strategy Giveaway going to press shortly with Channel Break Out System going to subscriber’s drop box.

PLUS! I am planning a small round table online conversation for TMT subscribers, team players and I am working on a well known technical author to visit and share his ideas. If interested in attending, let me know. I will be firming up a date in the next week for the round table to be sometime before Xmas.

Great and Many Thanks,

Jack F. Cahn, TMT