Multi-Strategy e-Russell Portfolio

Multiple Day Trading Strategies for mini e-Russell – Custom Fit to You

There are some good reasons for trading a portfolio of strategies on a single market or a handpicked group of markets.

Old school portfolio diversification will produce results that are more consistent, control risk.

Portfolio strategies can maximize profit and minimize risks by allocating the capital within a portfolio dynamically.

TMT does this via a price based matrix, the Technical Event Model. The exclusive tool of Thinking Mans Trader.

Portfolio strategies are more robust and less susceptible to over-optimization.

A combination of strategies of various styles to balance each other and fill gaps of missed trades is a primary objective achieved by trading a single symbol with multiple systems.

A portfolio of strategies is more than simply a collection of separate strategies.

A process produces it by select complementary trading styles. Not different set ups that may cause a portfolio to be both long and short?on?the same day.

Rather capture unique patterns that do not occur every day to add a factor of risk control via diversification.

I focus on actual risk and reward ratios of each system and their respective average trade (mathematical expectation).

However, with the advent of the TEM, we can now block off periods of time that put the strategy on the sidelines while others slip into the aggressive trading mode.

No one has this approach, and our traders are beating the pants off our competitors.

My goal is to produce the finest group of traders and systems developers in the industry, bar none.

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Your right about the majority of our competitors and the horror stories you hear from the traders that bought or rented their systems. Forget the competition, do we sound like one of them!?

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