Predictions just another nut-job.

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“This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, with a whimper” T.S. Eliot

The Greeks, what great storyteller, like the myth of Cassandra one that is causing me problems in 2017.

The myth, in a nutshell, goes like this, Apollo – the God of Sun and Light – had a thing for Cassandra. She was the daughter of the king of Troy.

Well, the feeling was mutual, and she gave him a kiss in return he gifted her with the ability to see the future.

This gift did not go unfettered for long as she looked into the future to see Apollo’s army attack and destroy her city of Troy.

Cassandra could not deal with this and spit in the God’s face. Like any respectable God, he could not renege on the gift. He simply put a “no one will ever believe you” curse on her, to make her predictions just another day of our lives predictions of a nutjob.

When your job is to get people in and out of the stock market at or near major bottoms and tops, it almost goes without saying that the analyst should not spit in Apollo’s face. That is fine by me, my work is not geo-political, I am a technical market analyst.

My friends and clients from the 80’s will recall, it is thirty years ago today, that I gave advice to exit the stock market to expected sell-off with a buying opportunity in the fall. We go that and more.

Thirty years ago, just like today, my work, technical analysis, does not take geopolitical events into consideration, everything is already in “price,” you see. But what the hell I got to say it, back in the 80’s I loved Ronald Reagan, he was like the grandfather I never had, really.

But to be honest, I don’t look at Trump the same way; and my so-called crystal ball is more than a little murky today. My thinking is that I better join the “flyover” club to get my forecasting mojo working, I better find some ways to love this guy to clear up my forethought.  So here tiss:

Ahem, I love the guy for proving that sarcasm can replace intelligence, it makes my job so much easier. In fact, my sarcasm has reached a point where I don’t even know when I am kidding or not. I mean Mr. Trump; this sarcasm tact really works and I am so grateful.  Hell, Donald baby, in all due respect, is your advisor and buddy Carl Icahn still short the stock market.

The last I heard him say was, “I am concerned at this point that the market has run ahead of itself.”  That was back in March, hmm maybe he was just getting in front of the market getting ahead of itself. Well anyway, I think you’re really great, the best, the cat’s pajamas.

I’m not whimpering, am I?

Jack F Cahn, CMT

Founder of Thinking Man’s Trader

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