Tactic: multiple strategies for a market

Multiple strategies on one market is a popular way that system traders attack a single market to win.

The Thinking Man’s Trader Portfolio Selector program can pick the best combination based on your account size and your risk / reward policy

Configuring multi-markets on a single market is the best way to approach day trading in my opinion. I know that my peers and associates use the same approach. You pick one of the best markets to day trade, you apply a diverse portfolio of trading strategies to that market – each that complement the other, that are not contradictory to each other – and control the risk while finding more opportunities.

It makes sense and is less work.

Here is a list of three fully developed day traders on the e-mini Russell 2000, each with their snap shot description.

Eclipsed-III-TF, Traditional Breakout, $66,720.00 Avg. Trade $139.31, Max DD $4,395.00, Sharpe Ratio .3745  for seven years

Dunn’s Deal, Net $133,210.00, Avg. Trade $122.00, Max DD$8,130.00, Sharpe Ratio .4610 for eight years.

Besides the goals I set out above, to increase reward without a significant increase in historical risk, there are many other performance traits the trader / portfolio developer wants to achieve.

Custom Deal Made For You

For instance, traders demand “consistency “in results on a period basis, like weekly, monthly or yearly. Looking for consistency by looking at these period results maybe a big help or knowing that one market system has that year after year results maybe the balance you need in your portfolio to reach other objectives.

I like to look at the standard deviation of the profit factor over 5 years, the smaller the better with the average above PF of 2 or better.

I look forward to working with you! 

Jack F. Cahn, CMT & Thinking Man’s Trader

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