Direction Neutral Trading

Primary Tools for better strategy selection, Technical Event Modeling with %C and TMT’s Historical Volatility


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Technical Event Matrix (TEM) downloadable for monthly/quarterly/annually subscription fees. Compatible with NinjaTrader 7 and TradeStation 9.5

TEM is a Direction Neutral Model based on %C/Volatility it tells traders how to execute entries or stand aside. It is a trader’s screen for market dynamics, so he may apply the correct strategy to capture the direction. Sign up today with education & support blog/newsletters.

TMT delivers confidence in trading, TEM gives the objective tool to give you the patience to wait for the correct trade to line up for the way you prefer to trade, and we can teach you how. 

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Great market indicator

March 17, 2017  By:Fred Hughes

Help identify the big picture and what kind of the market you should be looking at, choppy or trending.

Great tool

March 17, 2017 By:Rachel Cieslewicz

One of the most important tools in my toolbox. I use it every day.


This Rocks!

March 17, 2016 By:ImpactZone

Thanks Jack – this makes TS a lot better! I can now view the % net on every bar – this sis great.

One of my favorites!

June 11, 2017     By:Eric Martin

Excellent Filter with Multiple Uses

April 11, 2018     By:SDavis

Works better than most volatility filters out there and it a core tool in my arsenal.

Chop Indicator

March 8, 2018     By:Michael Wilczynski

Help me to identify when not to trade when things get too choppy when using different trading systems that dont suit that style of market

Great Tool

December 18, 2017    By:TWM

Useful tool to use in conjunction with other indicators. Watch Jack’s videos.

%C Great with ADX

October 23, 2013  By:Miketle

I watched some of Jack’s videos and saw some great results, give it a shot

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