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It is an easy concept 

to get your head around, but almost everyone does not do it.  What you hear from most individuals and professionals alike to control risk is the trader needs to cut his losses short. In other words, keep losing trades as small as possible. However, the amount that defines how small has to be is relative to the trader’s account size, which does not leave much room for error at these lofty prices.

In reality, it does not matter how big or small your account, you can still control risk in a better way. You can increase your odds of hitting a winner before you take the trade; and you can stop chasing the last good trade and avoid the emotional nudge, of not trading after a loser. Obviously, the market does not care if your last trade was a winner or loser and for your success, it is irrelevant.

Today you are doing that when you use %C.

To control risk you use a model that tells you if it’s going to be a good market to trade or not. That is what %C does, among four different setups, it tells you in one of them to trade the break from the range and when to trade the reversal in a range.

Because traders understand their need of tools to increase their odds before they trade %C is one of the most popular indicators on TradeStation® for four-years running!   

Here is one of the more popular %C setups our traders use to day trade the S&P.

This recent chart shows how the %C spikes above 50 precede directional moves, both breakouts, and reversals.

The trader can use any of his favored directional indicators or he can use any of ours on request. What you see in this chart is a set of scalper support and resistance zones to signal breakouts and reversals (failed breakouts).

My group, Thinking Man’s Trader, works with a better quality of traders; and we work hard to make sure they get the best out of %C and all of our advanced trading ideas.

In order for traders to achieve their best, it requires ongoing interaction between the trader and our weekly newsletters and daily blog post.

With that in mind and after four years, we will no longer be offering %C for free in the TradingApp® Store.

I wanted to give you a heads up and an opportunity to carry forward.
Below is a link to download %C with its workspace plus a link for the easy install guide.

Here is your quick install guide. 

A download for the comprehensive %C Plus, which includes our powerful direction dynamics indicator. When used in combination they give four clear and different signals telling the trader what kind of market to expect, just not two with %C by itself.  The model can be applied to trading plans, to strategy selection, to the timing of trades in ETFs and asset allocation; and for any time frame.

Download for the %C with directional dynamics indicator 

Get In Now and LockIn the Lowest Rate Forever

Your cost for all of it is only $69/month

Or six months for the price of five

Or one year for the price of nine.

A password will be emailed to you with your subscription along with support material. 


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