FREE SAMPLE Volatility Report Crude Oil Leading 4.20.19

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Crude Oil Leading Stocks

Contrary Thinkers generic – aka robust – system on the daily crude oil futures remains long with prices now at an I-T extreme. A situation that sets it up for the success of failure. A sustained move above 60.59 would be bullish and a drop below 58.37should lead to a more bearish trend.


While the above mentioned generic tidal systems is long it is entering the time window for a new sell signal. Daily or Short -Term historical model labels the current uptrend old, laboring and dues for a change. Longer term models support volatility expansion, especially in terms of range.

The carbon-based energy sector is a leading group to the stock market in general in the recent past. A turn lower here would have negative implications for the stock market. Several S-T cycles turn up starting Wednesday – just not for Crude but for stocks and Bitcoin. Traders should key in on inversions. If these markets break below there “new support levels” – old resistance – that failure should lead to carry over.

Bitcoin – 4000 @NQ 7327 next 7209 @ES 2825 SPLV 51.98 VFINX 259.29. The Shanghai Dow has kicked off and finished its first leg up in a counter-trend to the long-term bear. The context behind this market is like the underpinnings that kicked off the rally.  CT’s tidal system should give a s-t cycle sell this week and a break below new support at 425.92 would lead to a downtrend.

From an EWT point of view, an I-T wave two pull back fits with the outlook for the US stock markets doing the same thing. For crude, it would be entering a more dynamic downtrend then witnessed from the Oct. 3 peak, leading to new lows.

Short Term TEM sees the uptrend in crude as old, laboring but persistent: and a change is likely.

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