Aggressive Bear Strategy

FastEddie Bear Market Strategy

Having the ability to wait for the best shot is far more important than a high IQ. In the real world, trading mastery comes through repeating the same winning behavior over and over again and each time you add contracts.

When was the last time you did not see the stock market experience at least a five to a ten percent decline in a calendar year

Have a look, they occur in most years over several weeks, generally months. This is called opportunity management.

Here is another fact, money is made much faster on the bear side PLUS the bearish condition – high volatility – is well suited for auto trading. Super traders, like Dick Diamond, taught me the patience to wait to only trade when the big move is about to happen.

I teach my traders this technique, one among many.

This is why I developed a model to isolate certain major preconditions to the bear move and I developed a special walk forward testing method, the result is FastEddie Bear Trader based on the 2007-09 experience.

The system incorporates a leveraging technique. This aggressive trading is controllable from the chart window with on/off and min/max and increment contracts settings.

This strategy is not optimized or back fitted

IT WAS DEVELOPED ON THE 2007-09 BEAR MARKET and the walk forward from that date, with counter trend long trades now included. The strategy includes new macro on/off status.


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Jeff Parker
Jeff Parker Thinking Man's Trader, team player

I have been intrigued with the markets since I was first introduced to them in 1998. Years of self-directed study have honed me in on the style of trading that works for my personality. Beginning with the fundamental and technical analysis I eventually made my way to a programming platform where I could backtest ideas by quantifying market behaviour.

This tested analysis became the cornerstone of my trading. My background in project management and operations helps me to take a planned, disciplined approach to this business. Beginning with a technical observation on the charts, I then program and backtest to prove its efficacy. If it shows profitability, I will continue to test, test, test until I have proven to myself the pattern is tradable and robust.

I actively trade the futures markets using tested algorithmic strategies. I believe openly sharing thoughts and ideas with a like-minded community puts the little guy on the same playing field as the Corporate insiders that hoard information.

BA, Economics 1992, Whittier, CA; MBA, 1994, La Verne, CA


Individual Futures Trader,Chino California.


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