TMT Discount policy on turnkey systems

Turnkey Trading Systems

The open code for each of our trading systems is available for purchase.

I have spent many years – since 1975 Dow 570 – of market observation and development through trial and error to find trading strategies that work.  These strategies are not based on optimizing a mathematical algorithm. The systems are the results of  the discovery of first principles, the building on them of empirical clear set-ups plus, triggers with both paper and real-time trade testing to see what works and what does not.  Along the way I have keep everything that was produced from 1989 to date. Below is a list of the ready to go traders, see our pages on the TMT guild for custom building block code strategies.

Thinking Man’s Traders receive anywhere from 50% discount to 90% discount depending on the amount of their feedback and collaboration in the Google+ community.

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  • All code is sold open only to individual traders , not brokers or any members of the NFA.
  •  Purchase requires acknowledgement of our new buyers agreement

TMT Members($49.00/month) receive anywhere from 50% discount to 90% discount depending on how long they have been with us, the amount of their collaboration and feedback in the forum. Go to discount button on buyers page.

Developer/Trader Friendly Terms of Service and Purchaser Agreement.
Customer Service is free for the first 30 days
. There after you must be a member of the TMT guild.

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