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TMT members have Exclusive access to day trade signals from Thinking Man’s Trader Dunn’s Deal and Eclipsed Phase III mini Russell day trader.

TMT bills directly and provides access through the TradingApp® Store


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Sign up for the one two punch systems , one breakout and the other reversal breakout, to take a profitable and balanced approach to beating the market, fee includes TMT membership with support.


Pricing signals only: TMT member for either strategy is $274.00/month; for both is $325.00/month, includes monthly membership fee of $49.00.Non-member price – 3 month minimum – for either strategy is $900.00 / 3 months; for both $949.00/ 3 months.

READ ME: All Traders need to do is reformat the @TF.D continuous symbol to the continuous active symbol, if they are auto trading.
If you are working orders after the system assumes a position, the @TF.D symbol is perfect to use.

Non-members of Thinking Man’s Trader can buy closed code without expiration date for $3,495.00 each systems, with 30 days of tech support.  TMT members receive systems open code, good forever upgrades and technical support at a 2 for 1 discount.
WORKING ORDERS: Reversal Systems like Dunn’s Deal provide ideal conditions to work orders after a signal is produced. The screen shot here shows seven trades with five of the bunch providing second chance entries at a better price.

The perfect efficiency of a trading systems – buying exactly at the low and getting out exactly at the high or the inverse for short positions – of a move is rare. Yet too many traders that have good trading systems think in these terms when they execute trades.

The first time I witnessed such execution was in 1995 by one of my traders Richard Overbeck. He was a retired (at 31 years of age) floor trader from BOA.

He proved to me real time that second chance entries occur on winning trades 60% of the time. In fact they can act as support and resistance areas for good day trading systems, even breakout systems.

This strategy Dunn’s Deal is named after one of my best traders. Richard Dunn was a self-taught trader, he executed his trade naturally and never in a rush. He used second chance entries routinely.

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