Eclipsed Day Trader

The Volatility Expansion Breakout System

In the early days it was the simple opening range breakout systems and the daily true range breakout with an exit on the open next.

During the 1980’s this trading concept proved to most traders that given a wide enough daily range, equating into large dollar sums,that the simple break out patterns could prove profitable.

Great Traders from Larry Williams to Ralph Vince used them. No need to for fancy or complex ideas to make a profit. The simpler the trading strategy the less that could go wrong.

Benchmark estimated performance statistics based on Russell 2000 for five years.


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Markets Traded: Mini S&P, Mini Russell 2000, S&P Mid Cap, Big S&P and German DAX 
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Today, the breakout system remains simple but is a new breed of cat. Traders have learned how key in on those markets that are conducive to break out trading. Plus, no need to take rules that were applied to the first generation of range expansion strategies only to  apply them to the faster pace markets we have in the “Net Generation.”


Our breakout strategy is Eclipsed-DT. It shows that breakout trading – after 20 years of experience – remains one of the better styles to choose from when day trading the high flying commodity and stock index markets of today. Since release 2 years ago, its profit factor is consistency above 2 to 1.

The system is delivered to traders in two versions:  Phase III and Phase IV .  The difference is in the code not in its input values.

Entry / exit style: Real time at the market fills. Automated execution is based on platform filled orders being sent to broker as market orders. Resting orders are on the trader’s platform only not on brokers order pad. Compatible with TS9, MC8 and NT7 automation or manual point click and trade (PCT).

Priced at $5,995.00 but with your TMT membership at $2,995.00.  Ask about portfolio or multiple strategy discounts.


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