Dunn’s Deal Day Trader

Dunn’s Deal Day Trader is a moderately active day trader.

It gets its edge from pattern recognition, both “V” shaped bottoms and inverted “V” tops lead to reversals after a certain amount of retracement. Once the pattern is isolated,the system places stops to catch the reversal into the close of the day or a sooner exit.

Markets Traded: Mini S&P, Mini Russell 2000, S&P mini Mid Cap. 

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The system is designed trading a single contract. It is left up to the trader / investor to manage money through adding or subtracting the number contracts traded.

Entry / exit style: Real time at the market fills. Automated execution is based on platform filled orders being sent to broker as market orders. Resting orders are on the trader’s platform only not on brokers order pad. Compatible with TS9, MC8 and NT7 automation or manual point click and trade (PCT).


A trader that worked with me and ran my Vegas office 10 years ago Richard Dunn saw that certain “V” shaped bottoms and inverted “V” shaped tops lead to reversals after a certain amount of retracement. Once we had the pattern isolated , we simple put a buy stop above the low pivot for a long entry and below the high pivot for a short day trade. We traded this visually off the bar chart with a Bollinger type band for a high or low threshold. We traded it well with discretion. The set up and formula for entry were never programed or back tested across markets. Back in March I pulled my notes out of the library and worked it up.

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