Day Breaker system

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“Day Breaker’s goal is to capitalize on the market’s success or failure moving outside the zone” Future’s Truth Magazine has our Day Breaker strategy up 65% in the last 12 months , 2012.

One of the most basic and primary rules of Technical Analysis is the rule of support and resistance. This rule is grounded in the psychology of the markets.

This is one of the First and Most Primary Rules of Trading! Once Support is Broken, it becomes Resistance and once Resistance is Broken, it becomes Support.

Based on a few simple rules around support and resistance,  Day Breaker is ranked #7 all time S&P day traders since 2004 via Futures Truth

TMT members only, for a developer contributor that will collaborate with me to rebuild the system, $1,495.00.

Contact me at Skype (traderassist) or for Google Hangout or email.

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