%BB-Dynamic Breakout & Reversal

Don’t make trading more difficult than it needs to be.

One way to take advantage of a period of higher volatility (V) is to use a system that is robust over all periods but excels during periods of high V.

%BB Dynamic Breakout and Reversal is the trading strategy based on John Bollinger’s breakthrough idea with a TMT’s winning tactic applied.

The results are good but NOT too good to be true, they are reasonable and achievable for any Thinking Man. Look at the annual results inserted in the graph posted here. You can see in the years 2011 and 2014, years of increased volatility, that the annual profit was larger. So while the systems are off the shelf consistently profitable, it excels when there is an increase in volatility.


Thus far in 2017, the market is in an extremely low period of volatility, TMT expects a change in volatility soon, don’t you! Have a look at our in-house V-indicator and you be the judge.


I am putting my money on a period of increased V from now into October at least maybe longer.


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