Algorithmic Strategies

Algorithmic Strategies – Plugin Systems for Trading Platforms

Cherry Picking Can Do

If you like to cherry pick your strategic opportunities, here is an idea. Apply %BB-Oscillator to VIX data. Wait for breakout signals – %BB-Osc breaking above .99 for the VIX. Such volatility breakouts produce a high rate of change sell-offs in the S&P where you can apply your preferred short selling strategy like FastEddie (FE) or Eclipsed VII to the S&P mini or mid-cap. The...

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Get a head around this idea to be light years ahead of the trading crowd

New Paradigm 80-20...

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Webinar “When the student is ready, the Teacher will come”

This Buddhist Proverb means the truth is always provided to those who are sincere in their willingness to leave behind what they think they know and open to receiving what exist beyond their present experience. Since 1989 our traders build their success on not accepting the propaganda, promotion of the industry. My group thinks outside the box to inform and educate traders and strategy...

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