Mas?ter?ing the devel?op?men?tal process – Developing Trading Strategies

How TEM points out a trader’s opportunity

The Technical Event Model signals an expansion of the weekly range after a rule #4 extremes are reached on the weekly bar. You can see in the weekly chart of Crude how the range of each bar expanded after the TE #4, the vertical yellow line. You can also see how the range has coiled up into a triangle that sets the stage for a 10-point run in the market. The chart windows on the right-hand...

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How to make your luck

How to make your luck begins with a change in how it is understood. So to start luck is not a caused by chance, in other words, your success or failure is not caused by chance.  It may appear like chance because we do not see what goes into the success. As a trader, you need to be able to invest any way the wind blows, which makes it more than a roll of the dice. So how you make luck is by...

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Get a head around this idea to be light years ahead of the trading crowd

New Paradigm 80-20...

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