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It’s not ‘where’ but ‘how’ the market will go

Found a new and better way of understanding the markets. Therefore a new way to predicate market research, to develop and to engage technical systems.

The new paradigm solves many of the problems facing investors and traders like a pride of opinion in a directional forecast. It provides an external device, a model for risk control that does not involve money and gives the trader better opportunity management advice.

This new foundation for strategy trading was developed exclusively by my team at Thinking Mans Trader, in 2014. What gives us great pride and confidence in our work and that it is beyond the trading results and they are very good.

Our observations are the subject of the technical research brief that received the Charles H. Dow Award in 2017, written by capital manager Andrew Thrasher, CMT

Build your understanding of this price based approach. Stay up-to-date with this new area of opportunity and risk management in our field of Technical Analysis.

Learn how to apply these new insights to individual strategies of various time horizons and scale to engagement of strategies in Hedge Fund management.

Put post hoc applications into better perspective and stop chasing the equity curve

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Answer the queries about HOW the market is going to move and the opportunity it presents. Direction will take care of itself.


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