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pride-of-tmtThinking Mans Trader pledges to give you what you need while over-delivering the quality of its products and services

Since 1989, TMT provides indicators and strategy configurations on the cutting edge! These are not available from any other source.

The industry tries to pigeon hole you into the old propaganda that 90% of traders will be the loser. You can break free!

Your odds of beating the market are getting better through experienced-based education and accessibility to traders information. This means you don’t have to be saved from yourselves by reading pages of worthless risk disclaimers!

TMT knows the trading environment is turning back in the traders favor because the industry is replacing salesmen with computers. The authorities are bringing an end to the front running done by the industry, or killing you with slippage veiled as market maker operations. Oversight or back office compliance is a booming industry.

We never walk away,

Take your trading skills to the next level, join today

TMT provides support and education based on an old-fashioned and straightforward idea: we put the client first, and we know all the little things that traders need to succeed. This includes the rituals, and daily, weekly and monthly procedures to keep them on track.

TMT has three levels of trading systems

  1. Essential Building Blocks

  2. Early Adopter Strategies

  3. Fully developed ready to trade systems

TMT caters to the Trader with EL code ability or interest. It does not matter your level of experience coding. We provide basic code and explain what it does, and all more advanced code is open for the trader/developer to learn from.

What to expect with your subscription, it is for real!

  1. Monthly briefs examining technical market-based trading strategies.

  2. Explanations of why the plans are expected to work. TMT leaves the back-testing and market selection to you.

  3. Valuable insights into the strengths and weaknesses of an idea when applied.

  4. Advanced strategy concepts you will not find anywhere else (TMT does not teach optimization!).

  5. Learn our unique approach to risk and money management that no one else will ever share with you.

  6. Exclusive YouTube tutorials on setting up platforms for automation, trading methods, system development and market strategy insights.

  7. Private access to a professional library of e-Books, professional journals and research briefs.

  8. TMTs have private entry into our Community for the exchange of ideas and support.


Take your trading skills to the next level, join today






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