bigdog dt monthly performance report

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A change of trend system that has many of it’s traders, wowed by its simplicity and its money making ability across markets.

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Jeff Parker
Jeff Parker Thinking Man's Trader, team player

I watched the video’s you put together on Big Dog.  Good presentation.  My inbox gets filled everyday with a product launch for the newest greatest secret underground holy grail system. After viewing them I feel like I’ve learned more about marketing than anything else.   Your down to earth approach is refreshing and you certainly come across as a seasoned trader and systems developer.  This should attract the right kind of people to the community.

2 Responses to “bigdog dt monthly performance report”

  1. paul Dowde says:

    HI Jack,

    I recently bought Eclipsed from you and have been really very impressed with the performance and relative simplicity of the system.

    So impressed in fact that I am also interested in purchasing Big Dog but do have concerns about the number of builds its gone through.

    We are now on Build 6 since its introduction a year ago – are these major changes you are putting in to correct otherwise failing performance or are they simply minor modifications. In other words how are the earlier versions of Big Dog performing a year on from introduction.

  2. If I said this elsewhere, please bear with me. It deserves to be said again,

    Big Dog is likely the simplest trading idea I have discovered. Given it’s nature of being a change of trend type strategy that only trades three times a month, I feel it will fly under the radar for years. I mean that the majority it seems chase the trend following or the trend continuation systems, the open range breakouts types. Plus to avoid vulgarization of the system, my policy is not to put these systems in the hands of brokers. Rather it is distributed to personal traders that use it for their account only.

    Regarding the number of versions developed in a short period of time, it was not in response to a “drooping “equity curve after we discovered and developed the pattern. In fact the older versions on the commodity markets are breaking out to new profit highs over the last 3 to 4 months, the stock indices are about to and the newest version 6 – enhanced by my team of TMT developers/traders for the TMT members – is trading hot for the last three months with new equity highs each month.

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