HedgX Superfund buy signal on US Dollar

HedgX Superfund turns patience into profits HedgX-Superfund was designed with the idea of big money and big profits for my prime algorithmic mover. I originally devised the system in 2004. I was hired by a Cana­dian group of investors to develop a trad­ing port­fo­lio for a hedge fund. The ini­tial seed cap I all came from the Bank of Luxemburg of $1,330,000. A trading desk was set up with three...

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MarketMap 2018 first quarter synopsis

Geopolitical Security threats will precipitate financial distress   #MarketMap Jan 3, 2018   “Here are the first of three scenario maps for the trading year. The dates relate to time windows when to expect an intermediate term (IT) change of trend. In other words, turning dates. The time window for a major change may be as late as January 29.”   #MarketMap Jan 8, 2018 Issue #1...

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Trader’s 60-day Challenge or money back!

TMT guarantees strategies will be profitable over a 60-day period or 100% money back. Some traders guess other traders know there is a better way, the better way is model with a set of rules for strategy selection. It’s not a new way of thinking; everyone is cherry picking when and where to execute their plan, their strategy. What most of them do not have is the overseeing model to tell them...

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