Advanced Trader’s Package (ATP)

Advanced Traders Package, the lens of the trader’s world. Work along daily with your MarketMap™ and Volatility Report newsletter

Trading is a three-dimensional world, and the Advanced Traders Package covers all three.
Dimension one: Day Trader S&R zones and Short Term / Intermediate-Term S&R fixed zones. (S&R)
  • Day Trader (intra-day) fixed for day S&R zones. Same formula used by my well known S&P Day Breaker strategy
  • Day Trader Scalper price targets and risk management prices.
  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly S&R zones

Dimension two: Market Direction and Momentum

  • %BB-Oscillator dynamic support and resistance
  • %BB-Oscillator for data2 dynamic support and resistance for top/down analysis.
  • TMT’s Complacency and Panic Index

Dimension three: Market Dynamics, conditions and change of conditions

  • %C (Original)
  • %C (New)
  • %BB-VIX
  • TMT’s Historical Volatility

Every indicator comes with workspace and user document to explain the prefer use and interpretation for the trader.

Thinking Man’s Trader ATP is also open code with open user functions for people that want to build mechanical trading strategies.

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Purchase ATP open code today with your TMT membership all in $1,995.00, includes regular user guild, newsletters, and support.

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