A Different Way of Thinking

Thinking Mans Trader is a group of traders for traders.


If you listen to shallow advice, platitudes or suggestions based on a transactional business model, and believe it or worse act on it, you may not like or understand the information found in these pages or this website.


Breakaway from the trade a day for an average trap, use 80/20 method

On the flip side, if you are breaking away from the from what they all say if you are beating down the boardroom walls of the brokers in Chicago and the investment bankers in New York to advance your trading capabilities, you are in the right place.
Literally, everything (98%) you hear in the media and read on the web about successful trading is useless and designed to make you a loser.
Most of it is meant to bring in market liquidity. Their sales/marketing is targeting the entry-level traders or the perennial losers who can’t get their head out of the egg-beater.
My group is different, TMT has no dealings with sell-side firms. The strategies and techniques our trader’s use do not rest on a brokers server, and they do not pay for our advertising, and they do not provide commission fees for client referrals. Because we give none! We do no cross-marketing, we do no white labeling.
We work with our traders from the trader’s point of view, not the brokers.
If you understand this, you have not become too jaded to believe that there is a bunch of ordinary guys who can beat the markets; and you believe there is a group willing to show you how to do it. You have the right attitude, and you are 100% correct.
It’s difficult because we are bombarded all day with media misinformation. So much so that the markets become counter-intuitive.
If you are a free-thinker, the financial media cannot stop you from cutting through the smokescreen to find what really works.
If you ready to make a small commitment to advancing your trading abilities, we are confident you will, and we can assist.
 There are a couple of ways you can go here
If you are an intermediate to an advanced trader, complete this background questionnaire. It will help you put things into perspective and allow me to give you tailor-made advice vs. some generic one size fits all trash.
You can become a member from the get-go in order to gain the insights and benefits of our publications and strategies
1. Subscribe to MarketMap 2018, link here for a sample, our service called the January 23 peak and the mini panic bottom. Our publication will tell you what to expect next, including market timing for risk and opportunity management. $89/month
2. Volatility Reports provides more than a unique method; it does what no one else does. In fact, no one has heard of the tactics YET. It forecast strategies. Strategies are like tools, not a swiss army knife like the industry has been telling you for years. V-Reports trains the trader to understand the markets through an objective matrix, so he knows what kind of strategy to apply to all the major’s markets. $89/Month
3. Thinking Mans Trader Strategy Developer Report provides monthly insight into various trading strategies from day traders to very long-term systems. The strategies are explained, and the code is provided for your trading platform. $89/month.
Comes with private blog membership for networking,  access to TM webinars, videos, and discussion forums
When it comes to improving your trading performance, this is one of the most significant steps forward you could take. By opening the door, you will be coached by one of the best, his team of traders and gain access to a unique line of trading services.
To make it easy, sign up for one and get them all for the next two months so you can judge which of the publications is best for your needs.THREE for ONE.
They all come with access to our members-only blog, so you can keep up to date on our educational briefs and opportunity/risk management recommendations.
I look forward to reading your responses and hearing from you soon.
Jack F Cahn, CMT
The questionnaire is about getting to know you and will take less than three minutes.