Tao (the way) for Developers

Thinking Mans Trader teaches strategy developers by supplying them with trading concepts in EasyLangauge code. TMT shortens the developers learning curve.

We have done the hard yards for you, we developed the Technical Event Matrix.

We collaborate worldwide with the best, our integrity is transparent, our knowledge is shared by a common group of members and the individual trader is empowered.

Core trading strategies are as available as your household utilities. Receive every month trading systems that cover all the major styles. Become a member of a group of traders who give back their success to help you achieve.

We work hard to make sure you are Thinking Man’s Trader for the duration. but if it’s not for you, you can cancel anytime. Just go to your PayPal account to cancel the subscription profile, it’s that easy.

Here are the services provided to trader-developers


Alex Pressl
Alex Pressl Thinking Man's Trader, team player
My name is Alex Pressl I am idea leader of WolfPack (aka V-Aberration). I am an automation enthusiast by heart. For over 20 years I am creating automation solutions mainly for the automotive manufacturers to allow them developing and optimize cleaner engines for a pure and healthy environment. Powerful software tools and platforms which I developed together with great teams over many years for the automotive manufacturers of all brands. By today these tools define the technological standard in that automotive automation niche, and if you own a car it is very likely that its emission results are developed using a software package based on my development. In 2007 I found the trading automation as a very interesting area, started to developed own trading systems and gained a great know-how of the major trading platforms.