Open Code Agreement

Open Strategy Code Purchaser’s Agreement
When you purchase any of our products the paragraph that follows is your agreement with TMT and its partners. It is simple and straight forward.
You understand that the strategy, code, rules of engagement and trade management guidelines – any of the goods and services we provide you, if publicly distributed by you, may become discounted and that you would only be undermining your own best efforts by doing so indiscriminately and doing so outside our membership group. On that basis we ask you to control its reproduction, distribution and no longer require a non disclosure agreement.
We no longer require a non-compete agreement. Instead we expect you to be member of our group, an exchange partner with TMT and to participate in building a body of knowledge that is available to our exchange members only.
We also expect that anytime our code is used by you in any form as a product of your own, either  retail,  institutional or freeware, that you give Creative Breakthrough, Inc. written credit as the provider of the concepts and code which we provided and  that you built upon. The written credit we require is as follows: “ Source basic code and trading concepts are  provided and courtesy of Creative Breakthrough, Inc. 7500 West Lake Mead Blvd. Building nine, #151, Las Vegas, NV USA .
By accepting this agreement you state that you are not a futures / stock broker or a member of the NFA or regulated by a similar foreign agency.
TMT Policy and Risk Disclaimer:
— Thinking Man’s Trader does not assume the risk of its clients trading futures and offers no warranties expressed or implied.
— Pricing is subject to change without notice. Products available to our members may be withdrawn for private use without notice.
— Any sale prices are for existing clients only unless the member purchases through our year end deep discount sale. Higher membership levels and programs are for developers and professionals.
–Creative Breakthrough Inc. does not offer a refund policy, all sales are final.
— Creative Breakthrough Inc. provides traders with correlated technical support only as it is directly related to our product and service. However, TMT does not provide direct technical support for NinjaTrader7, TradeStation9, MultiCharts or any other platform required to implement our strategies except as by a by-product of its primary business. Furthermore, TMT expects its clients to be computer competent.