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Look Into the Markets a Third Way

MarketMap 2017 provides scenarios for the day traders and longer-term swing traders with regular publications


No special software needed

*Big swing buy and sell signals from time-tested systems

*Trend scenario
*Elliott Wave Traders support for the third wave kick off or fifth wave extensions
*Elliott Wave support for corrective waves ending or extending
*Change of trend dates
*Weighting for the six types of trend change
*When to expect the biggest and most dynamic moves
*When to expect the market to turn choppy
*What trading vehicles and strategies would work best for that change

Along with your subscription, you get a brief on the Technical Event Matrix. It is this model that gives our traders the ability to see a change of trend (COT) conditions before they occur.

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Our publication gives the day trader warning when to stop scalping trades anti-trending and to expect a change to a dynamic and forceful trend. This allows the trader time to change tactics from anti-trend to breakout trading.

Long term investors and swing traders are given leading signals of trend change enabling them to raise cash and /or hedge their portfolio. As well as outright sell short signals for the aggressive swing trader. Long term and big swing buy signals are provided for the index fund and ETF investors.


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Paul Dowde
Paul Dowde Thinking Man's Trader, team player

I trained in finance before working in the City of London in nontrading roles for several years. I have always had an interest in trading and am self-educated in that respect.

I have followed Jack for many years and always found that his observations often came to pass in my own real life trading experiences and that his comments are much more pragmatic and practical than many others – clearly based on his own real-life trading experiences. Favorite trading quote: “A speculator who dies rich died before his time” Based London, England


Here is a picture of last year’s MarketMap without supporting comments or regular newsletters or blog post, click to enlarge. Look at pivot dates and trend direction; the price levels do not relate to any popular stock index.









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