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Here is what TMTraders does and why you should be engaged, no matter if you are purely a strategy trader, only a strategy developer or both.

This is what is most appealing to me in the TMT community you are creating…

Honesty, sincerity, integrity, etc.
There are so many parties out there, which just want to monetize on naive traders. What I appreciate about TMT that this group is not about ripping each other but to leverage synergy. I know that you do not try to sell crap wrapped in flashy gift paper as some others do sometimes.

People help each other and offer a critical pair of eyes to your ideas. Since it is a private group, there is no worry about ideas being stolen as the number of players is an insignificant drop in the sea of money being traded. So even if everybody in the group trades my great idea, I still make the same money. There can only be a win/win.

Work groups.
It is much more fun to do things together, it goes faster, and you get better results. The G+Groups is a good way to do it because you get people who are focused on the same idea grouped. The engagement can still be better, though some members are more engaged than other. I got good feelings members like Mike, Eric, Jatin, and Tijn.

Trading ideas.
The strategies of the month and discounted systems, etc. this is a great source to come with new ideas for trading systems (monthly).

I could not have said it better myself. While we are not giants of the industry, we dont want to be.TMTraders is designed for intermediate/advanced individuals to provide them with the trader to trader information/collaboration that will support their profit objectives.

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