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Your next step, to get your teeth into it technical trading systems and become engaged with our group, you subscribe to the monthly “Thinking Man’s Trader”. For $49.00 a month, you will get much more in return. Each month you will receive a trading strategy. You get the concept behind it in simple English plus the trade plan in computer OPEN code for you to plug into your trading platform. You will have access to the TMT forum to post and exchange ideas on these systems. We want to hear your opinions, ideas and results and more. As a “TMT” subscriber you get the 1 each month plus at least 4 extra bonus systems (1 per quarter) from us to thank you for being a “TMT” subscriber.

MarketMap 2017 Annual Forecast Planner with COT dates!

Look Into 2017?2018 Markets, The Third Way The capital market system propagates the idea that you can’t predict the markets. They act as if a prediction was something relegated to the realm of witchcraft and wizardry, the reading of tea leaves or the castings of I Ching coins. Well, Thinking Mans Trader agrees with that to an extent. Most so-called forecasts are impossible, to begin with,...

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