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MarketMap2018 Issue #2

January 23, 2018 Through all the channels I listen to there is an overwhelming consensus that we are in a new secular bull market and there are no signs of a top and the market is virtually without risk. The pundits hang their hat on the A/D line which is in gear and until it diverges the market is going higher. I mentioned this in the new year issue #1. They also love the monthly RSI at a...

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MarketMap 2018 Issue #1

Financial crises are not random events As recent as 2016 major pessimistic headlines have bombarded the public. Such media spin on the financial markets keeps a lid on public participation. Especially that segment of the populace that feels disenfranchised from owning stocks. However, the negative headlines all changed on November 8, 2016, coincidental with the surprise Trump election. Since...

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How will you navigate volatile markets?

Volatility is coming back to the stock market in 2018   MarketMap-2018 uses Annual One Day (AOD) change dates, cycle confluence dates, and our January formula to produce the maps. Since 2010 our map provides the best scenario planning newsletter in the industry. Market Timing is more important from today into 2020 than it has been in the last ten years, because of regime or leadership...

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