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The New Paradigm in risk and opportunity management

When a developer sets out to design a trading system, a comprehensive system, he needs to have a clear objective in mind. With trading for a consistent profit the goal the end product, the strategy, still has a problem. Van Tharp pointed out that no strategy can do well or at least weather all market conditions. Here is the same limitation of all trading strategies put a different way. The...

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Breaking through the institutionalized

Drum roll, please! I will reveal to you the best keeps secret of trading success. No matter how often it is published and waved in the face of capital managers, it will never be endorsed or widely accepted or promoted. Because this secret runs against everything that is engrained in the industry and by the industry. In fact, the brokerage side of the community creates the basis and prime mover...

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Volatility Report 2.6.2018

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