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Leave your competitors one step away from getting the profit pattern the right way.

What is unique about our methods adapted from the every man’s idea that certain events affect the market’s behavior. Where on the one side the majority of our peers stay focused on the Public Relations driven events, our approach needs to focus on something that is more directly relevant to the market.

That something is the market’s volatility (V). So, TMTraders composed a way to measure the V swings to pinpoint four different extremes, the occurrence of these events is rare. These technical events are observable and testable, that makes our model useful and applicable to various time frames and strategies.

You have a research budget, put Thinking Man’s Trader in it!

We have a trial price set up, so you will be enabled you to see the work we have done that demonstrates when contextual change is about to happen; and a numerical way to id its current condition. Plus you will be able to see what still needs to be done and TMTraders will be asked to collaborate with our team to fine tune and advance a new paradigm in systems thinking and applications.

TMTrader will provide you methods and tools to give your traders a preference for selecting the correct tactics to trade for the current bookkeeping cycle

Learn new approaches to isolate the change in condition, price based techniques of risk and opportunity management.

TMTrader provides one on one and group interchange via online cloud services.

Members receive empirical research data, code for trading tactics plus regular updates by newsletters and private blog.

  • Stock market scenario planner with change of trend dates
  • Proprietary Technical Event Matrix indications
  • EWT support pinpointing the better opportunity 3rd waves or extensions
  • EWT support pinning down when consolidation is about to begin and end.
  • Real-time trading signals provided private online access, free Google+ account needed
  • Research and reports cover five major markets segments: Currencies, Stocks, Bonds, Metals, and Energy
  • Regular Technical Market Briefs
  • TMT member only technical Videos
  • TMT member access to e-books and journals
  • Full access to TMT trader Team Level One community
  • Market condition signals of change from our Technical Event Matrix.

$69/ first-month trial, after that $399/qt


Peter McEvoy
Peter McEvoy Thinking Man's Trader, team player

Pete McEvoy is a good friend and contributor to our trading developer’s team. He has a long career on Wall Street with over 18 years of experience in the technology field as a thought leader in architecture and delivering technology solutions to business problems.

He was a chief IT architects for one of the world’s largest Hedge Fund.

People that have worked with him say that: Pete is brilliant. He has an amazing mix of business, people, and technical skills. You’ll find it hard to find this breadth and depth anywhere. He’s a great addition to any team and a solid leader.”

From CBI’s and Thinking Man’s Trader point of view, we enjoy collaborating with Peter and welcome his contributions of trading ideas and programming talent.