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A Thinking Mans Trader is a different breed…


…breaking down the boardroom walls to bring institutional quality investment/trading tools to the individual.

Virtually everything you hear and read on the web about getting ahead trading is commonplace, refried garbage. The tried and true crap of sales/marketing. Get off the treadmill here.


Why do markets that have blowout economic reports only to fall 5%? ?What is going on, what am I supposed to believe?

Why are the markets so counter intuitive?

Break out of the old mindset, turn off the TV, stop listening to the pundits and become a Thinking Man’s Trader (TMTraders).

A Thinking Mans Trader is not a herd animal. The institutions that run the industry cannot train a free/critical thinker. The financial media cannot brainwash him. TMTraders teaches you this in its community, its newsletters, and blog, to be a better trader, not a cynic.

Depending on the level of your trading experience level and title: intermediate trader, advanced trader, capital manager or buy-side analyst, TMTraders provides you with a unique set of tools, systems, and documentation to put you ahead of the crowd.

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Pavel Koneski
Pavel Koneski Thinking Man's Trader, team player

After many years of software engineering career in the areas ranging from semiconductors industry, through consumer electronics, to medical systems, today I focus my attention on financial markets. I have been developing automated trading platforms and software for trading strategies analysis since 2002. Here many aspects of software engineering from other domains come together: software reliability of distributed medical systems, real-time performance of embedded silicon systems, and user-friendliness and ease-of-use of consumer electronics. With the advent of the internet, cloud computing, online discount brokers, plus huge and cheap computing power, individual traders can finally stand on equal foot with big market players. It is my passion to be in this game and be winning, using creativity combined with advanced software technologies of today.

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